Dog Toy | Culture

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Dog Toy | Culture

Handmade Dog Toy South Africa

The Best Dog Toy for Your Furry Friend: Colourful, Handcrafted Joy.

Indulge your canine companion with Culture, the epitome of joy in dog toys. Handmade with love and expertise in South Africa, this bone-shaped plush delight brings a burst of colour and cheer to playtime. Crafted with meticulous care, Culture features a built-in squeaker, enticing your dog to endless bouts of excitement and happiness. Treat your beloved pet to the finest in quality and craftsmanship, and watch as Culture becomes their cherished companion, sparking boundless joy and tail-wagging fun. Let every playful moment be a celebration of the special bond between you and your dog, with Culture as the vibrant centerpiece of your shared adventures. Complete the ensemble with our Frank Dog Bowl By Rialheim, perfectly matching Culture for a coordinated stylish look.


    - A perfect gift for special occasions or just because.

    - Upholstered in 100% Polyester Durable upholstery fabric

    - Most fabrics are made from recycled material 

    - Hand crafted and hand stitched

    - Stuffed with non allergenic, anti-bacterial, recycled ball fibre stuffing

    - Kong squeaker

    - Measurements 11.4cm (H) x 19.05cm (W) 

    - Made in South Africa with love

    Please Note: We recommend supervising your dog whilst playing with their toy. As with all plush toys they are not indestructible.


    100% Polyester - Canvas upholstery, Ball fibre filling, Kong plastic squeaker.


    Hand wash in warm water with mild soap and air dry.


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