About us

And our love for pets

We started this business because of our love for pets. We are passionate about making dog treats and products beautiful, as well as practical.

Our products are locally designed and handmade. Our mission is to create a brand that supports our local community and suits your pups needs.

Our Design

We have put a lot of time and research into our collections in order for them to be stylish as well as only using ingredients making them safe for your pups to consume.

We have been so specific in every little detail of each product, we have gone as far as designing every variation of fabric and is custom printed just for us. Most of our printed fabric is made from recycled materials.

We have created and designed a brand that is practical as well as appealing to the eye. We also give our clients the ability to design their own final product to their taste.

Made in South Africa with love

Our treats and products are proudly handcrafted in South Africa. We are all about supporting our own community, Friends and Family. We are a family owned business.

We love our dogs and the environment

Our toys are stuffed with 100% recycled material. We ensure that we have minimized waste and use natural products where we can to create products that you are proud to have in your households.

Our Founder

As a devoted dog and animal lover, I turned my passion into a business. Pawsh and Co. is a reflection of my creative spirit, where every element and accessory is not just designed but handmade locally, supporting our amazing community.

This brand isn't just a business for me; it's my obsession. I've poured my love for animals and the environment into every detail. I want people to experience the same joy and connection I feel, that's why I'm thrilled to share Pawsh and Co. with you.

At Pawsh and Co., we're not just satisfied with the status quo. My team and I are always on the lookout for innovative ways to make our brand even better, constantly adding new gems to our collections. It's a journey of passion and dedication.

Sending love from me, Canelo, Floyd, and the whole Pawsh and Co. team. Join us in celebrating the unique bond we share with animals and the beautifully crafted pieces that bring us together.